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Website Design Explained

What is Web Design?

Website design is usually defined as how the content looks on a page or website. The designer usually consults with the customer, designs the end product in Photoshop or a similar program, and then presents that information to the website developer. With the design in hand, the web developer then codes and implements the design into the live website.

These days, however, most web designers, especially in small businesses, have adapted to doing both the web design role and the web development role. This is because the web designer has to have an overall understanding of how the features he or she has designed will integrate into the website. Web designers working on small business sites today are competent in the coding of the website, customising the framework, and designing an excellent user interface. This enhances the visitors’ overall experience, usability and functionality of the website.

Planning Your Website

website planning imageIt is vitally important the web designer and customer are working together to create a functional website. The designer must be aware of exactly what the customer expects from the site, how it will be used, and what special functionality is required.

Planning the project you want to create before making a start on any of the code is a must. Consider what information you want to make available to your visitors, how to split it up into relevant categories, the layout or structure, and how you want it to look.

Let’s Build It

Start the creating process with your home page. Make it clear, catchy and clean. Your visitors should know where they are, what you do and how you can help them straight away.

Next, your site should be neat and simple to navigate. Ensure your visitors can easily access all the relevant content from the home page.
Formatting is essential for any website builder to take into consideration. The layout, theme and colours, including fonts and backgrounds, should be maintained through the entire site for consistency and professionalism. Make formatting choices that keep your information easy to read, access and act on.

Browsers are Important

Various browsers and devices will render your site’s information differently. Browsers, such as Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari, differ from each other, as do mobile devices and tablets with all the varying screen sizes and brands. Responsive web design for the mobile market needs to be seriously considered, and included, by the website builder to capture the broad, and growing, range of traffic that is available in today’s online market.

Last Step

After your website is thoroughly tested technically, it’s time to hang out the ‘Welcome to my online home’ sign and start enjoying the increased sales, traffic and exposure.

Working with the right web designer for your project is vitally important. We would love to discuss your project with you. Simply start via our contact page.

Why Should You Choose Walkabout Designs?

Working with the right web designer for your project or business is vitally important for you and your customers. We pride ourselves on honest, unique web design services to ensure you are not getting ripped off on price or the product you are paying for. Many web design businesses charge clients exorbitant prices per year for domain names, web hosting and also maintain control of your website. This means when you want to make a change to your website, you have to contact the original web designer who still has control of your website. We offer training for all of the basic changes and content addition you might want to do, this keeps the ongoing cost low and keeps you in control of your website. Of course we can make those changes for you if you do not feel comfortable doing it, or don’t have the time to make the changes. 

We guarantee that you have full control, access and details of your website on completion of our work and ensure your ongoing website costs are what they should be. This means the necessary bills (domain name & website hosting) go to you directly from your own accounts with your own login details. You only pay us for the work we deliver and nothing else. You are also free to go to another web developer/designer with these details for website work in future if you choose to.

We would love to discuss your project with you. Simply start via the contact link below.

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