“What can I say about Drew and Walkabout Designs? Best to tell you a short story. My wife and I were trying to start an online side to our small business that consisted of mostly market stalls. I had already bought my domain name and paid for hosting. All I had to do now was find someone to create an ecommerce website for me, that I could manipulate the stock and prices for myself and all would be well in the world. Sounds easy right? Wrong. We googled and searched the internet for reputable companies. Being country proud and small business conscious we tried to go with someone local. What we found for our troubles was an array of mercenaries praying on the not-so-technically-savvy. We had quotes that ranged from above our budget to the WTF? range. One fella gave us a reasonable quote and then upped the price (quite dramatically) once I mentioned we already had the hosting. Another fella refused to support the hosting, telling me I’d just have to pay for what he was offering. We got to the point where we had finally found someone, sat them down in our dining room, discussed what we wanted and then he went away to work on the quote. When he did finally get back to us with the quote it was over our current budget. I was out of service for two days and could not get in touch with him (which I was to do to discuss ways of cutting costs). When I did two days later (9:00am on a Friday morning) his phone number was disconnected. So much for ongoing support. At this point I was going to teach myself how to build one, as I was fast running out of decent viable options. Then as luck would have it, one person who knew someone who was busy but new someone (true story) gave me the phone number for Drew at Walkabout Designs. What a game changer! Not only did he work with the hosting I already had but he did exactly as I wanted with the website and included training for both my wife and myself to keep the products and other items up to date ourselves. Service has been prompt and reliable. Further changes and other issues as they occur are not a problem, with reasonable rates for ongoing work. Speaking of rates, the price for the site was excellent and best of all he’s still contactable by both phone and email. So, story told. I would have no hesitation in recommending Drew and Walkabout Designs for anyone looking for a fair deal and good advice on getting your website off the ground. Couldn’t be happier with the service.” – Dave at Red Dirt Country.


“Drew was referred to me by a friend and I must say that it has been very easy doing business with him. From the very start, Drew listened to what I was telling him about my business and although he hadn’t dealt with a Buyer’s Agent before, he picked up the concept very quickly. I had, had previous dealings with another company and we decided to amicably part ways when they just couldn’t understand what it is that I do. The three words that best describe Drew would be FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL & AFFORDABLE. Drew and his company (Walkabout Designs) made the whole process stress free. Thankyou Drew.” – Jon at Jon Kopmels – Buyers Agent.


“Wow you’ve done a great job, I’m so stoked. My website looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see what you create for my logo….(then I sent through the logo). That was quick! I really like it.  You’ve done a really great job, I’m happy with all of it. The images are great, text is great and logo is nice and neat. Thank you so much.” – Roxy at Lara Resume Services.


“Walkabout Designs have been fantastic, Drew has worked with the design ideas that I had and made some great suggestions to make my site the way I wanted. Changes and additional work is always very easy and completed very quickly, doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg either unlike my previous web designer.” – Bec at Bamboo Sheets Australia.


“Thanks very much for all you have done, really appreciate all the work that went into the new sites. A big thank you for the ongoing support as well.” – Wendy from Sweet Creations and Personalised Cake Toppers.