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Step Ahead with Email Marketing Software

Hands down the best way to stay in touch with your customers and clients is to email them. Whilst social media is essential to any business, email marketing is the most efficient and effective way for you to share your information. With email marketing software, such as Mailchimp, you can capture contacts from your website or import them from your database, design tailored campaigns to showcase your business and garner valuable feedback through tracking to find out what interests your customers.
Direct email marketing software like Mailchimp is affordable and time saving as well. It just requires someone to set up a marketing campaign for it to run. Here at Walkabout Designs, we can set up your site to capture new clients, set up your mailing list and your first campaign, and then show you how you can change the templates of the email to suit your business needs. The best thing is that once it is all set up, it doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge.

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How to Import a Custom Template into Mailchimp?

Mailchimp not only provides a list of templates to integrate with your webpage, but you can create your own template as well. You can import these as HTML file to your Mailchimp account. Mailchimp does already come with a wide variety of templates that are professionally customised and can be adjusted to suit your website styling.
One of the main reasons for importing templates is to add more features and options which might not be available with Mailchimp. Though usually with the way we set up the many flexible options within Mailchimp, it really becomes unnecessary to import any customisations.

Availability of Options with a Mailchimp Account

Mailchimp is a very flexible program that has numerous extensions to provide extra functionality. The basics like social media integration are included in the basic packages. Many other highly customised programs are available that turn Mailchimp into an all in one, full scale marketing solution. Feel free to let us know your requirements so we can see if there is a program to support your request.

Customizable Templates for Mailchimp

If you are new to email campaigns, you can start off with a customizable template that’s provided by Mailchimp. These are re-usable templates and allow you to make use of your company logos and colors, then insert the content as per the requirement of your business. If you are wanting the look of a completely customized company branded email, you can create custom code templates with the HTML editor, it can easily be imported to your Mailchimp account by the following the steps given below:

  • Save the template as a HTML file that you are going to import into your Mailchimp account. If not saved as a HTML, the file format will not be recognized.
  •  Sign into your Mailchimp account.
  •  Move to “campaigns” page in the account and click on “My templates” at the left hand top corner of the page.
  •  At the bottom of the new page, there will be an import link, click on the link and copy the code directly.
  • In order to access the imported template from your Mailchimp account, go to campaigns – my templates. Here you can check for the imported template.

If all of that sounds too complicated, that is where we come in. Walkabout Designs can help you with any aspect of your email marketing requirements. Just send us an email and let us know what you need, for anything web design related.