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Buy Domain Name Hints and Tips

It is a well known fact that most people these days turn to the website for services and products. Thus, having an optimized website is of one of the most important aspects of running a business. However, it all starts with selecting from among the very best domain names, which is essential if you desire to operate a successful website. For a choice of domain names, Australia can easily pick up a unique name website name from online sellers such as Namecheap (Our preferred seller). The process is very simple and we can guide you through the purchasing process. It is important to us that you own your own name. Many web designers hold this over business owners in the form of packages with a monthly charge. When the business owner wants to go elsewhere, they are unable to easily access the brand name of their website without great difficultly. This is why at Walkabout Designs, we always ensure that our customers own their unique domain name URL.

The Significance of Domain Names

domain names imageYour domain name is the very unique address from which your website will be recognized. The domain names must be catchy, easy to remember and short if possible and relevant. Most essentially, it must represent your business well. You can always make use of domain checker to get appropriate names prior you decide on to go ahead with domain name registration. This would certainly ensure that the targeted customers can recognize your service or product and aid you in building a good brand image. Utilize the appropriate keyword for your business so as to attain the top rankings in the search engine pages.
The name must be easy to say and remember. Domain name registration is the next step once you have chosen a name for your website.

Australian Domain registration

Registering for your domain name in Australia is same as anywhere else. However, there are few things to remember, though. suffix is widespread domain names throughout the world. It is readily found for an organization or individual without any restrictions. The significance of this, is that availability could be scarce as there is more competition for such domain name.
If your business will be allied with Australia or its business sector, then choose your domain name with the suffixes such as or If your company’s name is not readily available at the time you register, you can desire to consider your trade name’s abbreviation. To differentiate you can even simply add hyphens. To be eligible for using unique suffices, you must be registered business in Australia, have a firm registered in any Australian territory or can even be a foreign organization licensed to trade in this country.
Then is simply a matter of finishing the registration process from the re-seller such as Namecheap.
So basically the process is to

  1. Put together some domain name ideas
  2. Go to a service such as Namecheap
  3. Search for your chosen domain names
  4. Decide on one and add it to the shopping cart on Namecheap
  5. Complete the check out process and register your business information. For a or this means you will need to provide your ABN to register the domain.
  6. .au domain names are always registered for a period of 2 years. Make sure you factor this into your budget. Generally the cost for 2 years is under $50 in total for domain name registration.

Ensure to offer a valid email address to the domain registrar. This is vitally important because you will be emailed with notices such as expiry or renewal. Be sure that it is an email address that you check regularly and will be using in the future.

Website Hosting

The next vital step is undeniably the web hosting. After registering your unique domain name, you will need to then host your site so that it shows live on the web. There are several hosting companies that provide re-seller hosting services at cost effective prices. We have a whole article detailing this information that you can find here.

Seeking Help Creating Your Website

Once you have decided on the domain name to use for your website, and you have sorted out hosting of your site, then it is time to design and build your website. You can make use of our variety of services at Walkabout Designs to assist you with this. In this day and age, no business can be forgiven for not having a website that views well across mobile devices. This is called responsive design. Have a look through our website packages page at the variety of options that are available for your new website. You can have us create a basic site for you, right through to a larger, more complex website design.


We use and recommend Namecheap for hassle free domain name registration

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