Article Writing

Tips for Hiring a Creative Writing Expert for Your Articles and Custom Writing

Content writing imageCreative writing for website articles is becoming a specialised industry. Most business people don’t have time to write all the extra content that needs to go on their website. That is why, once clients have finalised the web site content for the main pages, they hire a content writer to do their custom writing and articles.

It is very important to know also, that many article writers out there simply cut and paste articles from other sites, or ‘spin’ them, and sell them to you as original work. They have very clever ways of getting around plagiarism such as encrypting articles with a binary code so that neither Google, nor CopyScape will pick them up as duplicate articles. This is still straight up plagiarism and will damage the reputation of your business.

For those business owners who think that article writing is an easy task, here are 5 vital principles that need to be followed to boost your custom writing and articles. The writer needs to:

  • Develop a routine

    It is important in professional writing to make it a routine. An article writer needs to be fully focused on the content of the new articles and can spend many hours writing each day just to complete a single, well written article.

  • Write When in the Flow

    Being in flow is a vital part of writing articles. By being in flow, articles become well written and structured naturally. The end result will read really well and engage your audience.

  • Stay Stimulated

    Wide reading and learning new words plays a major role in the creative writing process. A writer needs to increase their senses and imagination, and then channel this stimulation into the custom writing process. By doing this, it creates a far richer both for yourself and the readers of your site content.

  • Get Support

    Having someone to double check your work and offer new ideas and perspectives definitely makes a huge difference in the quality of your work. Support can be either online or offline – just do what works for you.

  • Diversify Their Writing

    If you keep on writing in the same format, you will be well versed in that particular area, but can feel stale. You can improve your writing by using different writing techniques such as poems, stories and novels. Creating this diversification in all round writing leads to far more creative article writing.


So when it comes to hiring an article writer, it is important that your writer is passionate about what they do, as well as being honest and trustworthy. This can be the hardest thing to find, and it is why we offer specialised article writing packages at Walkabout Designs. We have a small team of trusted writers that can write your articles in a way that suits your business. Every single article is verified via both CopyScape and Plagscan to ensure there is no duplication or plagiarism. Our processes ensure that it is safe for your respected business to publish the articles we provide. This process makes sure that your web design has unique content.