About Drew

200Y CNC machine image Drew wasn’t always a web site programmer. He started out as a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machinist. For us regular people, this means he made custom metal parts using a bunch of computer codes to control accurate machines. Drew really enjoyed the challenge of mixing the computer code to the controls of the machine to produce high quality products to fine tolerances.

The story behind the career change.

One day he had one of the nastiest surfing accidents ever and busted his knee. After ligament surgery and a lengthy recovery period, it was game over for standing up 10 hours a day as a machinist, and time to retrain as a web designer. Thankfully his eye for coding transferred across quickly to the CSS and HTML code needed for web design.

Outside that, he can still be found in the surf early in the morning (crazy, right?), drinking coffee, and experiencing different cultures through world travel. Drew has a very keen eye for attention to detail, a fantastic knowledge base and experience with various programming codes which gives him an advantage for analyzing and developing clean, neat, simple html, css and php for maximized speed. What does that mean? It means easy to read, well laid out code and content, for search engines and clients to find your site. “I keep it simple, clean, current, stylish and easy to navigate for your needs. I don’t do flashy, I don’t do bling and I don’t beat around the bush.”


We Specialise in Small Business

Why small businesses? Simply because we are one as well and know how difficult it can be to get started and to maintain a business. An online presence is essential to the survival of any small business these days with more and more people turning to the convenience of buying online, especially with mobile devices. Website design is very effective to give your small business maximum exposure with a website.


Why Should You Choose Walkabout Designs?

Working with the right web designer for your project or business is vitally important for you and your customers. We pride ourselves on honest, unique web design services to ensure you are not getting ripped off on price or the product you are paying for. Many web design businesses are cheap up front but charge clients exorbitant prices per year for domain names, web hosting and also maintain control of your website. This means when you want to make a change to your website, you have to contact the original web designer who still has control of your website. We offer training for all of the basic changes and content addition you might want to do, this keeps the ongoing cost low and keeps you in control of your website. Of course we can make those changes for you if you do not feel comfortable doing it, or don’t have the time to make the changes. 

We guarantee that you have full control, access and details of your website on completion of our work and ensure your ongoing website costs are what they should be. This means the necessary bills (domain name & website hosting) go to you directly from your own accounts with your own login details. You only pay us for the work we deliver and nothing else. You are also free to go to another web developer/designer with these details for website work in future if you choose to.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia. If you are in this area we can arrange to discuss your project needs in person if you prefer, email and Skype are our usual communication methods.

We would love to discuss your project with you. Simply start via the contact link below.

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